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LOGIMAP is an Australian Company based in Sydney, New South Wales.  Our business was formed based upon a need to provide a modern, intuitive and simple solution for "special mission" aircraft operators and Tactical Flight Officers to manage the range of tasks for which they are responsible.  LOGIMAP is owned and operated by a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds in aviation and software engineering.  Each member of our team is passionate about our industry and dedicated to providing tools to improve performance and efficiency through the ongoing development of our MISSIONMAP system.


We know what aircraft operators need - because we've been there ourselves.  MISSIONMAP is built by aircrew, for aircrew. This experience allows us to anticipate our customers needs and provide advice on a wide range of airborne special mission requirements. We also value our customers feedback, and hearing about the challenges faced during their operations.  The ongoing development of MISSIONMAP is a result of the strong relationships we have with our customers.


Our company prides itself on developing elegant and robust software solutions that provide a superior user experience. Our software design team has extensive experience in a wide range of electronic solutions, with a strong background in embedded systems. Our objective is to provide an interface that is so well optimised for our users that we enable the most effective possible use of the available data. Only a finely engineered system can take advantage of today's complex geographic information systems.