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MISSIONMAP is a smart and simple to use touch-screen based digital mapping system which can assist with the range of critical tasks that require navigation and mission management, supported by gyrostabilised camera integration.  MISSIONMAP is designed to assist operations across many disciplines and roles which include:



  • Airborne Law Enforcement
  • Aerial Firefighting
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Search & Rescue
  • Government & Military Operations
  • Utilities & Infrastructure Inspection

The product is designed to assist fixed and rotary wing aircrews and UAV operators in achieving their mission through the rapid provision of information about a chosen destination or ‘target’.  MISSIONMAP does notreplace the responsibilities of the pilot to safely navigate the aircraft, although it will certainly assist the entire aircrew in achieving their task.   


  • Firefighting - Urban &  Bush/Wildfires
  • Military Vehicles
  • Search & Rescue/Disaster Response
  • Law Enforcement
  • Tactical Operations

MISSIONMAP was intentionally developed to be used on a single task by multiple users, units or organisations.  Good communication is essential to the flow of quality information and teams on the ground who are supported by airborne MISSIONMAP users can increase their efficiency and accuracy of communication by also using a MISSIONMAP system.  

Non-aircraft operators are more aware of their surroundings and situation.  Operational commanders become more confident in the deployment of their assets, with the improved operational organisation becoming invaluable.  There are many benefits to having the same portable digital mapping system as other units within, or outside of your organisation.  Contact us to find out more.


Corporate membership of industry associations is valued by LOGIMAP.  These associations provide essential support to our partners and users.