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Our rugged MISSIONMAP computer has an impressive feature set and provides extensive functionality for such a compact unit.  Numerous I/O ports allow for the connection of a variety of peripheral devices including multiple displays and HD-SDI video capture and pass-through.  If you need something more specific to your needs, such as a rugged laptop, MISSIONMAP can run on any properly equipped Windows computer.


MISSIONMAP uses a touch-based user interface, minimising the need for keyboards, bezel keys and multifunction displays. Depending on the users needs there are many options to consider in this market. Quality, features, performance and cost can vary widely.  MISSIONMAP is compatible with any display featuring a VGA, DVI or HDMI input.  We can also provide you with a range of high-quality rugged HD displays for mapping and video use.

DIsplay design concept

DIsplay design concept


The computer running MISSIONMAP will need to be connected to a 12 Channel GPS - with a minimum 1 Hz update rate (6Hz preferred).  The source can be an external antenna, a Garmin 430 (or similar) GPS or the EO/IR sensor’s built in GPS receiver.