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LOGIMAP, the creators of MISSIONMAP provide outstanding products and services in the field of aircraft special operations mission management, navigation* and gyrostabilised camera integration.  Suited to rotary, fixed wing and unmanned aircraft, MISSIONMAP is designed for Tactical Flight Officers (TFOs), Mission Coordinators and UAV Operators performing Airborne Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Firefighting, Utilities Inspection and Government/Military operations.  The MISSIONMAP solution is equally suited to mobile terrestrial use in the field; on board vehicles and vessels, at command posts or to users on foot with the MISSIONMAP Tablet Edition.


MISSIONMAP, performs the key functions of navigation*, mission management and optional electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensor control for specialised airborne operations. Integration with gyro-stabilised multi-sensor EO/IR imaging turrets allows the camera/sensor to be controlled through the software. Detailed positional information about what the camera is pointing at is also displayed for operator.

MISSIONMAP is an intuitive touch-screen based digital mapping software application that assists with mission planning, coordination and review.  The product has been developed to aid operators in achieving their task through the rapid provision of information about their present position, surroundings and/or a chosen destination or ‘target’.

The MISSIONMAP software is also designed to function as a stand-alone portable solution on a Windows rugged tablet PC with MISSIONMAP Tablet Edition.  This can be used in aircraft without the need for a costly fixed installation where a gyro-stabilised camera is not utilised.  Other use cases are in vehicles, vessels and/or command posts.


MISSIONMAP allows aircrew to conduct mission planning on a separate ground based computer.  Waypoints (addresses, co-ordinates, points of interest) can be entered into the computer and exported to USB flash memory.  This USB drive can then be used by the Tactical Flight Officer, Mission Coordinator or Sensor Operator on-board the aircraft as a readily accessible waypoint list.


MISSIONMAP allows the user to log the track of the aircraft which can then be exported to a USB drive  for analysis on Google Earth, Google Maps, MapInfo, ArcGIS and other common enterprise GIS programs.  The aircraft log contains sequential aircraft position, altitude and speed information.

MISSIONMAP has the ability to record the EO/IR sensor path.  The EO/IR sensor log shows where the camera/sensor was pointed during the recording period.  A pending update will allow aircraft and sensor track logs to be transmitted via a 3G or microwave downlink for further use or analysis. 


With MISSIONMAP users can search for the location of :

  • Addresses 
  • Points of interest^
  • UTM grid references 
  • Latitude & longitude
  • Street directory grid reference^

MISSIONMAP users can view information on these search results such as:

  • Topographic map name^
  • UTM Grid reference
  • Latitude & longitude
  • Elevation
  • Street address
  • Distance to travel
  • Time of arrival (ETA)
  • Time to get there (ETE)
  • Bearing to target
  • Your organisations communications channels and jurisdiction for your current location and destination^
  • Any other information that your organisation has that is geographically referenced^
  • Your 'track' flown, driven, walked etc. can be exported for viewing on third party GIS applications

The graphical user interface:

  • Provides a superior user experience during the day and night
  • Has an attractive and intuitive menu design
  • Allows simple management of user created waypoints
  • Displays class leading base maps and essential task information
  • Can hide and reveal target and aircraft information
  • Is touch-screen based for use with gloved fingers
  • Allows the viewing of multiple screens - each offering separate zoom levels & functionality
  • Can be easily minimised to use other computer functions
  • Has the ability to select multiple map layers and overlays
  • Allows the saving of your track to external  memory for analysis on third party GIS applications
  • Allows the importing and exporting of waypoints between other MISSIONMAP systems

^ Providing the data is available for your geographical area.

* Navigation relating to the conduct of the mission, and not for primary aircraft navigation.